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Larry Luxenberg on NBC News: Buying Bitcoin has become a popular speculation. Larry points out some risks.

Larry Luxenberg on TheStreet: Only 1 in 3 Millennials Invest in the Stock Market. Larry says that people are overly pessimistic about the stock market and long term investing, and as a result younger people are missing out on a long time horizon.

Larry Luxenberg in AdviserNews: Brexit Might Yield Some UK Bargains

Larry Luxenberg on While half of millenials surveyed expect to change jobs in the next 2 years looking for a congenial corporate culture, Larry notes that Baby Boomers too are seeking more meaningful jobs.

Larry Luxenberg on Larry notes that too much money in a 401(k) can put you in a higher tax bracket when you start withdrawing it, a problem not just of the wealthy. Some planning now can help to avoid a problem later.

Larry Luxenberg on Larry comments on the importance of managing credit.

Larry Luxenberg in Financial Planning: Larry suggests a method to meet the high hurdle for deducting medical expenses.

Larry Luxenberg on Luxenberg suggests the best way to use [a tax] refund is to treat it the same as a paycheck and use it to pay down debt or bulk up savings. "It's a matter of priority," he explained. "Build up your emergency fund, pay down high-cost debt, then start saving and investing."

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Eugene Fama Named 2013 Nobel Laureate in Economic Science