About Lexington Avenue Capital Management

Lexington Avenue Capital Management was founded by two veterans of the investment industry. With more than 50 years of experience on both the buy-side and sell-side, we have developed a different approach to financial success. Unlike many in the financial industry, Lexington Avenue Capital Management, as an independent, fee-only financial advisor, is focused on preserving, protecting and growing your wealth. We act in the best interests of our clients as a fiduciary.


Client Focused

We begin our process with getting to know our clients. We spend the time to understand your situation and conduct a thorough review of your unique financial picture. After a comprehensive analysis, we will formulate a customized financial plan based on your goals, resources and values. Only then do we implement a tailored investment and financial strategy. In all of our planning we take an objective and realistic view based on your individual situation.

Our Full Service Group offers an extensive suite of financial products and services to our clients. We take a holistic approach in addressing the needs of the clients we serve.

Our Investment Projects Group provides analytical research on a wide array of special proposals. Some prospective clients come to us for help in figuring out the impact or strategy to deal with a complex financial situation. On other occasions, they simply want a second opinion on their current portfolio. We can perform a thorough analysis and provide our detailed findings, as well as a high level overview.